Thermofight X? 90 days!

Sometimes it can be overwhelming when you look at the weight loss products!  Which is best for you?  How do I know what to try or not to try?

To be completely honest, I don’t know that there is a right answer for that!  We are all so different!  They only thing you can do when trying to decide is educate yourself as much as you can on the product and simply go with it!

We have had Thermofit (then called Thermofight) for several years and we have amazing testimonies from happy customers!   We also learned that for some it just simply did not work the same!  God made us all special and different!    It has to do with menopaus and hormones!  UGGG.   So now we have Thermofight X!  And we are so excited about it!  It has been available January 11th,2019.    And have some amazing testimonies!

I wanted to share both on this page so you can make that informed decision which one to try!  So I will start with Thermofight and share information on it first.  Click on the Picture of Thermofight, it will take you to the page where you can see for yourself the active ingredients.   First just know that many use our Original Thermofight and love it!  I personally have used it along with my Fat Fighters and saw results while watching my diet.  So now you have choices!

Thermofight X has everyone jumping for joy while seeing faster results of weight loss!

So this is where the difference is I’m sharing here.   But again, go to the Picture of Thermofight X and click on it to see the active ingredients.

Green Tea is loved by many,  and we we actually have some good scientific data to support it many health benefits—from helping in weight loss to countering  stress.

Some of green tea’s most impressive benefits are attributed to supplements containing green tea extract, which delivers a higher concentration of health-promoting polyphenol compounds, including epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG). Keep in mind not all green tea extracts are created equal. Research suggests that a form of green tea extract known as Green Tea Phytosome may be superior!

So what is Green Tea Phytosome?

Unlike the other green tea extracts, Green Tea Phytosome consists of green tea polyphenols. Research has shown this to improve the absorption of polyphenol compounds such as EGCG into your body by making it easier for them to pass through cell membranes. Green tea phytosome is also caffeine free, so you don’t have to worry about turning into a jittery mess if you take it.

But why not just drink green tea? According to studies and the experts in supplements, “The many health benefits of drinking green tea are well-known; however a person has to consume 8 to 10 cups daily to get the full benefit which for most of us would be difficult.  But by enhancing absorption of the active ingredients, green tea phytosome allows you to get the same benefits by a much smaller dosage!

Does this get your attention?  It certainly did mine!  Here’s a limited rundown of green tea phytosome benefits.

Benefits of Green Tea Phytosome for health.

Many of green tea’s (and its supplements’) benefits function as antioxidants to help tame free radicals, prevent cell damage, and reduce inflammation throughout the body. One of the main catechins found in green tea, EGCG, seems to be the key behind many of its healing properties.  Just this alone is a reason to consider this supplement!

1. Promotes weight loss:

No pill is going to be a weight-loss magic. However, research has suggested that when combined with a reduced-calorie diet, green tea phytosome may help you lose more weight than cutting calories alone. In a recent study group of 50 obese men and women, those who restricted calories and took green tea phytosome for 90 days lost an average of 30 pounds, while those who restricted calories alone lost an average of 11 pounds. Additional studies have resulted in similar findings.  Two times the weight loss in the same period of time!

Due to the improved bioavailability of green tea phytosome supplements researchers have concluded that people can experience weight loss while taking a lower dose.  Still intrigued?

2. Helps maintain weight loss over time.

You can ask anyone who’s struggled with their weight and they’ll likely tell you that the hard part isn’t always taking it off, it’s keeping it off.  The good news: Research shows that even if you don’t use green tea phytosome to lose weight, it may still help you maintain your weight loss by increasing energy.

In one study women underwent a three-month lifestyle intervention in which they all lost weight. Afterward, they were divided into two groups, one of which received a supplement Green Tea Phytosome for three months, while the other group received a placebo for the same time period. After two months, women receiving the placebo began to see weight gain, while women taking the green tea supplement continued to lose weight and fat mass for about a month, then maintained their weight for the second and third months.  That is one more reason I am so excited!

3. Possesses anti-cancer properties.  

Now there are studies showing these properties show cell formation death in some cancers, but we are a long way from making claims that it is a cure for cancer.

4. It helps with detoxing 

Green tea has potent antioxidant properties. In fact, there is a study that found that people who consumed green tea or took a green tea extract supplement for two months had significantly higher blood levels of a number of antioxidants, which our bodies typically produce less of as we age.

There are other benefits in using this supplement such as heart disease and diabetes.   I always encourage my clients to learn more especially if they have any concerns about what’s best for them.   You can also go to my web page for the Product Thermofight X and see the ingredients and suggested dosage.


Try it for 3 months and please share your results with me!  I love to hear the success stories!  There is no fee for the VIP Wholesale membership if you simply order the first time and then the next two months.  If you are wanting to lose weight with this product you simply join the FREE membership and purchase as a Loyal Customer and just leave it to be sent the following months.  If you want to change the date or the product you can do that any time!   Plus as a Loyal Customer, you will get perks like free samples sent to you and you accumilate perk points that equal dollars that you can use for products after your 3rd order!


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