Working From during our Pandemic 2020

Some things don’t stop because of bad things and some things shouldn’t stop during bad things in the world.   I personally feel if we use common sense and calm down it soon will pass.  I have yet to buy toilet paper and as much as we need it, it doesn’t keep you immuned!    Last night was my first personal visit for a few groceries.  Now hubby did run to the store for milk, bread and veggies.  We are not really buying more than we normally do except for maybe enough for an extra week.  I don’t have a crystal ball or any inside scoop on anything, but I do know who holds tomorrow!   

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What to do during this time?  I am working from home, people are still needing their daily supplements!  People still want to feel better and look better!  Summer is coming!  This black cloud will be gone soon and we will be back to a good normal.  I have codes that I recently earned through my company a couple of weeks ago and I would love to share!  You can join my team, work from home by using my code and save $30!  I would love to use all 5 I just earned!  You will earn 3 when you join my team to share too!  CoronaVirus is not holding us back.  We have supplemments that help build your immune system so you can fight off Viruses and disease!  We do not have nor claim a cure.  We just encourage everyone to use natural based supplements.  I will share a couple of my favorite for times like these! 

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Why these?   Our Super Greens (Berry or Chocolate) are loaded with over 70 super foods and herbs plus trace minerals and other nutrients vital to keeping your immune system strong.  I have always said these change my life!  I felt horrible when I first was introduced to the Greens.   It took a couple of weeks for me to realize I felt normal again!  So I am a huge advocate for them!   Why The Super Reds?  The are loaded with all the Red Vegetables and Fruits full of Anti-oxidants along with Vitamin C and so much more!  You will want these to fight off the radicals in the enviroment.  Again a great asset to building a strong immune system.  We have no guarantees we will contract the virus or not, but I know that my immune system is strong and healthy, my chances of fighting it off puts my odds way up there for winning! 

There is a special price when you buy the two together! Pictured here are the Jars/tubs but they also coming in bags of individual packets for the same price! Plus the Immunity!   If you do not have the CoronaVirus then you need to be using the Immunity!  It is loaded with ingredients to build up your immunity all year long!  Go see the ingredients by clicking on the picture!  There is Free Shipping through March 31st and if you purchase $200 or more you will also get 10% off purchases!  Ask me about Loyal Customer prices to get your wholesale price thats exactly the same as me!  Free to Become A VIP Loyal Customer!

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