Get Wholesale It Works Body Wraps for Salons and SpasWe offer wholesale It Works Body Wraps for salons, spas, massage therapists, and other independent small business owners. 

Many professionals in the wellness, beauty and fitness industry have clients requesting the  It Works Body Wraps while coming in for their regular service, or treatment.

You can gain traffic &  referrals and increase your profits instead of sending your clients down the street to a competitor offering the in-demand It Works herbal body contouring wraps. 

The  individually packaged Ultimate Body Applicator & Facial Applicators are ready-to-apply with a botanical cream blend of herbs on a non-woven, mess-free cloth wrap.

They deliver results in just 45 minutes to tone, tighten, and firm the skin, improve the appearance of sagging, or slackening skin, diminishing the appearance of varicose veins, and cellulite, and stretch marks.  Results typically last 2-6 months, longer with healthy lifestyle habits.

No wet-room or additional space needed, and you can apply the wrap in just 3 minutes!

I'm Sherri husband and I specialize in helping salons, spas, fitness clubs, weight loss & wellness centers successfully introduce and market the It Works Body Wraps into their existing business.

We provide experience, guidance and support to help you and your clients get results.

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    • Sherri Hardeman on September 6, 2021 at 6:43 pm

      Marty we have a great New Fast Start Bonus Program! It is great for salons too! Join in September to earn the Christmas Bonus!
      Message me 2708755686 if interested

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