Spring is here! And I am so ready but…………………..

I cant wait to share pictures later as they bloom and find their happy home on my deck!  I do not have a green thumb!  But I do seem to have good luck with my Deck Flowers and Ferns!  I ‘ll share the water fall and fountain as soon as its done!   You can see the Spring bug has bitten me!  It’s my most happy season!

I sat out on my deck tonight! I planted a few flowers purchased a few ferns, added a new top to the Gazebo.  We have a deck that sets high up and when the sun beams down its hotter than Haiti!   So we put this cute Top on there and it will drop 10 degrees immediately!  So tonight its not quiet finished but it is dinner ready LOL.  We had our first dinner on the deck for the year!  It really was pleasant!  Now to finish my flowers and ferns plus hubby will have the waterfall and fountain running this week.  It is my sanctuary! I love to work out there in the morning!  My Keto Coffee and Laptop!

Now the pretty bright flowers make me happy but, I want that slender swimsuit body!  I want that toned firm skin………………..but it doesnt come as easy as it once did!   Seriously trying to lose weight with no thyroid, and menopause, etc is just beyond frustrating right?   I have started my Thermofight X and I am drinking my Ketones and I have lost almost 4 pounds the last time I weighed.  I dont weigh often, it plays with my head too much!  But it is working!  Now to tone that chin and tummy while losing!

I have made myself a promise when I attend the Diamond Dinner on the beach I will be thinner and I will be wearing that cute jumpsuite I bought last year!   I know I am older, I know I have no thyroid, I know Menopause paid a visit!  But I know with these products and my determination I am going to turn my life around and like how I look for a change! 

So What is the game plan?   I will slide into the Keto lifestyle again.  It has worked best for me.  I’ve played hooky long enough.  I will also will be adding more water and drinking my Ketones daily.  Thermofit X and my Fatfighters(when I goof up).  I am going to add walking to my day.  I have a terrible back of over 30 years so no high impact for me sadly.   I would love to start a group who would like to take this journey with me!  If I can get a few takers  I will invite you to my FB page and we can join forces together!   I can add Keto recipes, ideas and have a support.  Now that sounds fun!   


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