Seems everyone well just about everyone wants to drop a few pounds or more!  For those who don’t, well we don’t like them! LOL    Sometimes it is a tough decision for lots of reasons!  It’s hard if you have kids and a spouse that won’t eat what you need to eat.  It’s hard if you are busy and don’t have extra time to make those special meals.  It’s hard if you feel cheated and have to give up all your favorites!!   

But which is harder?  Looking in the mirror, wearing clothes that are too tight, buying a size larger, hating how you feel about yourself?  Sometimes you have to choose your hard.  Then you decide what to do about it!  I was small most of my life!  Like size 2 and 4 sometimes and then a 6/8 which was still ok.  So from that to a 12 or 14, not good!  Not my happy place! 

Now it’s even more difficult to lose.  I really can’t do much exercise, I have had a chronic back issue for 30 years.  I do try to cook right and yes I am presently on the Keto journey!  I would like to say it’s going fast, but it isn’t.  For me I have noticed I lose better on the Keto Coffee than just adding the Keto Creamer……isn’t that interesting?   So I am about to go back to the Keto Coffee.  My husband and I was just discussing that this morning!  Everyone is different and you have to find what is working for you!  I did notice when I drank the Ketones over a 4 day weekend I lost almost 4 pounds!  So there is a shout out! 

Did I mention they taste really good!  Like sweet lemonade!  Great in unsweet tea too!

Between age, post meno pause, absence of a Thyroid I don’t have a lot in my favor for weight loss!  It is a trial and error thing when it comes down to it!  Keto Coffee and cutting back on the carbs worked for me!  I am back on that path and excited!  Adding the Ketones daily will be great addtition!  Are you willing to just try a few things?  It may take that with you if you have had a real struggle with losing.  But it will be worth it when you find your niche!  I am back to drinking Keto Coffee, I am taking the Thermofight X, Drinking my Ketones and when I know I’ve slipped up, my Fatfighters!   I know you are saying well you get them cheaper being a distributor!  Yes and no.  If you are a Loyal Customer, you get the same price I do!  Plus you get perks that I don’t!  I just make money doing this where you won’t as a Loyal Customer!  Let’s talk prices for my journey here:

Keto Coffee (I buy the buy 3 get 1 free) which gives me 2 month supply for $117  breaks down to 

Keto Coffee 1 month supply $58

Ketones $49  I make mine last a month! 

Thermofight X $36 30 day supply 

Fat Fighters $25 30 day supply ( you only need these if you are bad)   

Now this is what I am doing, and that is because I am a tough customer!  Where I would suggest first that you try the Keto coffee if you are doing Keto and the Thermofight X.  See if that will be enough for you to see results!  For most it is. 

If you are not doing Keto Diet, then the Thermofight X and Fatfighters with a reduced calorie diet may be

perfect for you!  Click the picture tab below and it will direct you to the site to browse and order!

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