Pick two for $69 or Pick three for $89!

Can you Imagine?  Pick two products out of 16 of our favorites and pay $59!  I want them all!  Our Wraps are $59 all by itself!  So how can I not pick lots!  This is even better than BOGOS!

You can go to www.sherrissecret.com and it will take you to the page to browse these amazing deals!  Plus you can layer the sales, the free shipping and the extra 10% off!

Pick 2 or 3 is here for 5 days! How crazy amazing is this? 

Products included are:

SkinnyBrew – Keto Coffee – Keto Tea

Cleanse – Best Fat Fuel (BFF)

Super Greens (Chocolate & Berry) – Super Reds

Confianza – Hydrate -Keto Energy                        

Radiance Serum – Firming Neck Treatment – Illuminating Facial Pads

Defining Gel – Ultimate Body Applicator


Now one more biggie!  Layering is not always allowed!  But you can layer your discounts and free shipping right here!  Go to www.sherrissecret.com   Click on your choices!  If you purchase over $99 you get FREE SHIPPING!

If you purchase $200 or more, you get FREE shipping and 10% off of these products that are already way below wholesale! 


This sale ends July 5th!  What are you waiting for?  Need help?  I would love to put in your orders for you!  I actually prefer to do that for you!  So text me 270-875-5686 and let’s get you the deal of the year!    What a great way to start as a Loyal Customer! And you can continue as a Loyal Customer to recieve the same prices and even switch them around monthly!  Ask me about that!  Crazy right?!

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