Says no one ever!  But seriously it is a good problem!  The supply and demand of our products have been extreme in the last 2 months!  We can’t keep Thermofight X!   FatFighters and our 2 day Cleanse has been selling at record numbers!    It is nearing swimsuit weather, spring break, poolside and lake fun while basking in the sun in your new swimsuit!  What?  You want to look good?  Oh that’s the problem!  Everyone has heard about the Thermofight X and our FatFighters!   Just for the record our FatFighters don’t just absorb fat, they almost block carbs!!   

So It can be frustrating waiting on a product you are dying to get your hands on!  But if you really want it, go ahead and order it so you are on the list to get yours when the supplies are replendished! You will be glad you did!  These little jewels are only $36 for a month supply!

Why the fuss?  There has been a study on one of the Key ingredients in our Thermofight X that has seen average of 31 pounds in 90 days with a modified diet of course!   But there was an average of 11 pounds reduced in those 90 days without dieting!   That is what all the fuss is about!   Everyone is different of course but this was a controlled study done and they took the average number which was 31 pounds in 90 days while watching your food intake.

Our Fatfighters are a whole different way to maintain and/or lose.   You simply take two FatFighter pills 15 minutes to an hour after you have eaten that big meal or dessert!  It’s almost guilt free!  It’s made of all natural based products such as Cactus and Acai Berry!   Watch the video demostration from my Friend Rhonda!   The price is $25 for these amazing little magic pills!  You will not feel the need to run to potty, but when you do go, you eliminate that extra fat and carbs!  YAY! RIGHT?



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