I can’t remember not wanting to own my very own business!  I tried lots of things!  Mini florest shop, lingerie shop, a restaurant.  Vendors at shows selling my crafts and yes Direct Sales.

It took years for me to find myself LOL.  What I did learn is it’s not all fun and games!   The expense of renting a building or space, the expense of running inventory, the HARD work of a restaurant!  I am grateful for the experiences but…….there is nothing like Direct Sales!   However, not all Direct Sales are created equal!

After trying at least 5 MLM or Direct Sales, I learned even more about who pays best, the easist compensation plan for building and yes the Integrity of the company!   To be completely honest, I was done!

But my hubby met a lady that was so full of energy and great information, he was captivated!  I knew I was in trouble LOL.   We met Tina at a show and she was a very high energy, excited little person!  I kept wishing she would just go away, because I saw that gleem in his eye!  He was really wanting to know more and I was done, remember?

Well 8 1/2 years later here I am!  Not done but grateful!  Yes HE signed me up.  I was very resistant to trying one more time!  It wasn’t that I didn’t believe in the Industry, I really truly did!  I wanted it to work for me but decided it was for everyone else because I had tried others and rarely made money, most of the time I paid money!  

I am blessed and grateful daily for this business opportunity!  I love our company, our leaders, our products and what we stand for.  We are not perfect, but we strive to be!  I am amazed sometimes how generious they are.  They have recently changed our compensation plan to make it simpler to promote! Who does that?

I am excited that I can offer the opportunity right now for only $20!  $99 is a deal to own your own company but  $20 are you kidding?   Plus you still get the amazing kits to choose from and that $20 includes so much more.   It is like anything else, if you put in effort you will be rewarded!  If you don’t, then you won’t!

I look for people who are hungry for more in their life.  Who love making a difference for themselves and others!  Who are willing to work the business and not expect something for nothing.  I look for people who are good fit for my team and we are a good fit for them.  So if you are looking for more, be it part time or full time, don’t wait any longer!  Contact me NOW before coupon expires and you want to kick yourself!  It’s $20!  You will blow $20 this week somewhere!  This buys you a business partnership with a company going for over a BILLION this year! 

What a great place to be!  This company stays on the cutting edge of Health and Wellness, watching the Trends and Demands so that we can offer that to our customers.  That in turn builds our business and changes our lives where we now think of building a Legacy for children not just paycheck to paycheck!  What if it takes you a while to build but in 5 years you are making twice as much or 3 times as much as you are now?  What if it takes you 10 years to make a million dollars, will you make that with what you are doing now?  Most of us will say ummmm no!  So WHAT IF?  It’s $20!  Join my team with my coupon and put honest effort in and just see where you are by the end of the year!   Exciting times with this company!  Be there for the best of the best!

Text me asap, 270-875-5686  Coupons expires in March 2019!  Text and say I want to join your team with your coupon!


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