Make your Skin Glow with Illuminating Facial Pads

Illuminating Facial Pads- $40   

Wipes away dead skin cells, boosts natural glow and balance skin tones while reducing appearance of pores.  Exfoliates and Hydrates!  (Very Important for all ages but especially as we age) 

1. Night time (3x a week then then build up to daily use) 

2. AFter cleansing (refresh) then facial pad, then Prevent and Radiance. 


1. Alpha and Beta Hydroxy Acid (AHA & BHA) exfoliating acids 

2.  Azelaic Acid Complex-clinically proven skin brightener!  Even and balance skin tone and complexion! 

3. Caviar Lime-AHA’s restores softness from the skin!

4. Willow Bark- BHA’s complexion   

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