Lose Weight, Look Better, Feel Better, Now What?

We all need to use a good Health Supplement!  Quality is very important.  You may try to save money by going to a generic version, or a box store price but in the long run, you haven’t saved anything but most likely have wasted your money.

We will skimp on things we need to splurge on such as a good health supplement!  I like the all natural because I already know we come in contact and ingest too many processed and synthetics products and foods.  So look into a quality Vitamin and other all natural supplements when making that decision to become a healthier you.

So now you are all set with good choices of your Health supplements!   What are you doing for the rest of you?  You know?  Like your mind?  Your daily thinking?  Your perspective of life and how you deal with it?  You see, there is more to being healthy than physical health.  Your mental and emotional health is also very important.  It actually can affect your physical well being!   Not hokey either, it’s scientifically proven that our emotional and mental health can help us stay healthy or make us sick!

So ask yourself, what do you do to keep your mind going for the positive side of thinking when life can be so full of stress, frustrations, worry, chaotics and just busy busy busy.

How do you start your day?  How do you end your day?  Do you take a few minutes just for you to say a morning prayer, have a devotion, meditate?   At the end of the day, are you falling in bed exhausted or maybe taking a few minutes to read something positive, encouraging to go to sleep by?   If things are just too much, or life is disappointing, stressful or just being what life is, that few minutes in the morning or evening can turn things around!  No, not kidding!   

You have found a good Health Supplement and now lets find you some good brain food!  What if I’m right?  It would certainly be worth it!  If I’m wrong, you may have just gotten a little closer to God, or found a little inner peace.   Either way, YOU win!

Anyone have anxiety or added stress they could live without?  Do you or your children struggle with focus or are not good test takers in school?  Who has belly fat?  Any of this sound familiar?  If so, you might want to give this product a chance!  It is all natural and some see a difference in a couple of days others a little longer.  But once its in your system, it helps ease the stress, helps you focus and yes sometimes gets rid of belly fat!  Why?  Because stress produces cortisol and cortisol makes belly fat!  It takes the edge off, it helps you focus, it can ease anxiety and may help that belly fat go away over time!

Sometimes we just need a little help!  If you are finding yourself with alot of negativity, stress, feeling overwhelmed, this supplement may become your friend!  So what is this amazing little supplement?  It’s call Confianza and its very very affordable!   And if you are working on your healthy brain activity, like good reading, devotionals, meditation………this might be helpful too!   Only you know how you feel, how you are coping with day to day stresses and life.  Confianza got me through the most difficult time in my life.  I took them daily for several days when my son passed away.  We were in shock with his loss and so much pain seeing his children lose their father and me, my only child!  I took at least 4 a day and I made it through.   I hope you don’t need to test them in that way.  But to say they helped during that time is quite a testament!   There are days now I know I need a couple LOL.  Many take them daily, others take as needed.   Feel free to click on the picture below for more information!

It Works Confianza Happy Pills

Now what?   How about reading?  Listening to a audio books?  Devotionals?  Your favorite Motivational speaker?   If you are not taking the time daily to do that for yourself, you are stealing from you!  Yes stealing!  How is that stealing?  You are robbing yourself from mind food, a way to find peace, find yourself, bring joy to your day.  You are robbing yourself from a learning, growing experience.  Why is it we won’t take the time for us?  Let’s think about it…….if I’m a better me, will I not be better for everyone else in my life?   

Take 30 minutes in a day,  whenever you can steal a few and just do that for yourself and for those you love!  YOU can be an influence to those around you.  How about you are an influence of self improvement, self development, becoming more spiritual.  Finding God, or finding who God really is?  Can these things make you better, so that others will learn from it as well?  I say absolutely!  You will find those authors, speakers and mentors that you click with! 

I have a few favorites of my own.  I love John Maxwell, Les Brown, Tony Robbins.  I enjoy Joel Osteen, Joyce Myers and T D Jakes.  Jon Gordon, Dean Graziosi, Wayne Dyer. Recently Rachael Hollis and Dale Smith Thomas.   I use to love to read!  But my busy life has taken that back a notch.   I still like reading I just feel I don’t have the time, and yet when I take the time, I grow from that time of feeding my brain!

Brain food can be a favorite book, an inspiring movie, a time with God in the morning or maybe you like to meditate.   Find something that fills your mind with good positive thoughts.  Find something so powerful that when negative thoughts try to creep in, there is no room!  Talk about life changing!  You will not believe things that will began to change even in your daily routine.   You see there is no doubt there is positive and negative energy, right?   Ok  you will attract whichever you are!  So if you attract the negative with your negative, that will not be a happy reunion!   However, if you attract positive with your already positive, what a great day you could have!

I happen to have a very close friend that has been through some extremely horrific times in her childhood.  Which in turn caused a lot of pain and emotional damage.  I have watched this young woman in the last five years, turn that all around.  She first had to come to grips with forgiveness, (that was the toughest of all).  She felt if she forgave her abusers that was saying what they did was ok.  She finally realized the forgiveness was for her not them.  She still had a death grip on her past but little by little, inch by inch she began to let it go.   She began to trust God for the first real time, (you see in her mind, he let her down in that area).  She began to read and grow spiritually and emotionally.  I watched a battered woman who had no confidence in herself, grow into the woman of faith, and emotional strength to yet overcome a health issue that haunted her for a year.   She stayed firm in her self developement and her path with God and it makes me proud to see where she is today!  This all came from feeding her mind with positive things, positive mind food.  Reading and yes praying.  She is still growing and just yesterday she lead the group with confidence and prayed in public.  She has never done that!  I know she has a very influential future because of her story!  But you see it was about the mind food!  It is a journey and can be a long one.  In her case she had a lot to overcome!  And so she did!    She dealt with her past, that brought on negativity, depression, anxiety and even moodiness.  And yes she takes Confianza LOL.  She has for about 5 years now!   For her she was able to rid herself of the meds for all those systems over time of course!   She was wise and worked with her Dr. and slowly backed off the dosage and used the Confianza.   Not telling you this so you will rush and order the product.   I sharing this to say there is hope and if you are taking lots of medicines, maybe just maybe there are other options.

My goal with this blog is to make a difference for others.  I want to hear the personal stories of lives changing because of something they learned from this blog.  I know we need medications, but let’s face we are seeing way too much of it.  If there is an all natural way to help the problem what do you have to lose trying it first?  Sometimes medicine is the only answer, and sometimes it is not the answer.  At least people can have choices if they are educated about all natural products that are available.

Sometimes All Natural takes longer to work, and people will give up too soon.  Being All Natural, it typically takes more and longer to get in your system.  But then in time many people see the results and are so happy to be off the meds that almost always have side effects!   It should always be a choice!  So educate yourself in that illness, or health issue so you can make the right choice for you or your family!


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