Lose weight & know you helped feed the hungry


What a great way to start the year!  Most everyone you talk to wants to lose weight!  How about if we lose more and do more?   Buy one product such as Thermofight X, Carb Control, FatFighters, Keto Coffee or our Premium TFX pack and for every pound you lose by Jan 31, 2020 you will help feed 4 meals!   I love giving back, everyone wins!  Feel free to contact me should have questions on products or the Gives Back Program!

It Works!


  With this pack for the month of January you can become a Loyal Customer with no fee and no 3 order commitment!   We would like to think you will want more but if not you can just order randomly as a Loyal Customer for life!  Or you can order other products and just order two more months of something $25 or more and a Life Time membership comes with that too plus you will get perk points toward free product!

The Products can be your best friend!  Let’s face it we dont always want to be good!  I miss my pasta and rice dishes  But sometimes now I go ahead and cheat!   At this time I have lost 3 pounds in a week!  I have not been an angel!  My sister made my favorite, Peanut Butter Fudge and I ate it! I took my Carb Control before dinner and yes I did FatFighters too!  I mean I was really really bad!   Enjoy these products, eat sensibly and watch the weight just melt off!


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