Long Thick Lashes could be yours!

Clinically proven ingredients to make your lashes grow longer and thicker!  Every womans dream to have pretty lashes!  Now you can and you won’t have to break the bank!  Try it for 3 months at my price and fall in love!


Lash and Brow Serum  $63

You will find that it Visiably enhances appearance of lashes and brows making them helathier, fuller and longer!  Helps to condition, strengthen and protect against breakage.  

Easy to use 

1. Use before bedtime-let it dry before going to bed 

2. Apply directly to root of your lashes and brows.   


1. Keratin-protein 

2. Fortifying Peptides-clinically proven 

3. Encapsulated Plant Extracts (Horsetail Kelp, Channeled Wrack(seaweed), Millet Seed- clinically proven. 

4. Vitamin B5-Nourishes the roots   

 Important to know….. 3 things we did different from others on the market!  We don’t have the Prunus Amygdalus Dulcis which is Sweet Almond which is what people were allergic to and you can develop and allergy to it It also has MUCH less Allantoin which can cause peeling and itching in those that used the other brand.  We also don’t have the isopropyl cloprosrenate. Which is a CLASS C and makes it unsafe for pregnancy


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