Keto and Non-Scale Victory!

Yes I know! Non-Scale Victory,  That is a strange term but it is real!   Some who do Keto see pounds falling off right a way and others(yes me) have that non scale victory thing!  At first but it gets better!  Don’t dismay!  Do you Keto thing and stay off the scales!  Don’t even think about it!   Wait for two full weeks and then weigh.  You may see a few pounds gone!  Here’s the thing, if you don’t still don’t give up!  In a month yes I said month I’m betting you will!   

Now let’s keep it real ok?  We are all different and we are all going to lose differently.  And we have some who just have to cheat at least a little!  And then there are those who are like the Nazi Keto Police who never betray their intentions!  Hat’s off to you if you do that!  I do cheat some, but not lots and yes it will slow down the results!  Like for real, I want birthday cake!  It’s my favorite dessert in the world white cake and white frosting.  My birthday is in 10 days and Im having my cake and eat it too! LOL   But I will go right back on the Keto and beg for forgiveness! 

I am finding ways to keep me honest too, like last night I made Keto Crackers and they were sooooo good!  I felt like I was cheating with my sea salt seasoned crackers!  


I also made Coconut cupcakes!  I added strawberries and Whipped cream on top!  I didn’t feel like I missed out on anything!  I had to share the picture too!

So I as you know, am in business for myself as an It Works Distributor and so there are times we have meetings and lunches and drinks, etc.   So just this week I tried to behave and I did pretty darn good!  But where I cheated I made sure I took my Fatfighters!  The main thing for me is they block carbs too!  Which as you know in Keto that is a big deal!  My FatFighters are only $25 for a month supply!  No too bad, when you cheat and don’t really want to feel the guilt!  Even if you are not seriously dieting these little guys can help you maintain where you want to be!  So either way we have a winner here!  Be a Loyal Customer and only $25 or Retail is $42.  I like the $25, don’t you?   Click on the picture and order today and get started!  Bikini weather is upon us!


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