It Works or does it?

It Works Works!………………..for most!  LOL just being real here!   Why does it work for others but not you?  There are a few reasons that some things may not be working for you.  Don’t be mad when I tell you!  Did you open the bottle?  Are you taking them or using it daily or as suggested?   See, I told you don’t be mad!  Just being real here!  I have checked on my customers or they will say its not working!  And when I start asking questions, the real truth is they are not being consistent!   That’s not the products fault or mine! LOL

It takes discipline to do anything and do it right!  So if you are not popping the supplements or using those creams, gels and cleansers………………you are right!  It’s not working!

Now more truth since we are being real here!   Some products work better for some than others.  Why?  Lifestyle, eating habits, medications, stress, lack of sleep, lack of hydration like you know H2O!    I learned the hard way about the water thing!  I used a wrap and I bloated!  I was not happy!   I used a second one and nothing again!  The third one I decide geez, maybe I should drink the water they suggested!  Duh!  Guess what I lost around my waist in two areas!  I didn’t even believe it at first!  I had decided it just wasn’t for me!

OMG these Crazy Wraps Work!  BUT not until I did what it said to do!

Are you ready for more truths?   Sometimes you can do everything right and you won’t get the results your friends are getting!  Why? Still it can be your diet, medication, stress, lifestyle etc.   What I am learning is that most of these things will work for most everyone, but we are all so differently made that some of us have to have additional help!  So Where am I going with this?   I love our Thermofight!  I love the new Thermofight X even more!  But for whatever reason I don’t get the same great results others get!  Why?  Well I have no Thyroid that’s one reason, Im a tough cookie!  Another reason is apparently I am a stressed personality, though no one would ever guess it!  So I added the Confianza to my day with my Thermofit and I am seeing results!  I lost almost 4 pounds last week watching my diet and taking the two!   

To some that doesn’t sound like much, but to this girl it is huge!  I struggle with no metabolism!  And now I am honestly seeing it come off!   YAY!!   So if you are one of those, we may need to re-evaluate your situation and try it!  Confianza helps reduce stress which helps reduce cortisol that makes belly fat!  UGG!  So if I just need to take an all natural based stress reducer to lose those ugly unwanted pounds, no problem!  I am in it to win it!  Are you willing to give it an honest try?  Tired of disappointment?  What if this one worked!

Take a look at what I am doing to lose my weight with my complicated metabolism and see if you might want to give it a good fair 90 days too!

It Works Confianza Product InfoThese are my best friends right now!  I love how they make me feel too!

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