It Works Mermaid Hair Challenge

It Works Mermaid Hair ChallengeSo you’ve seen all these amazing photos of hair growth on Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest using the It Works Hair Skin & Nails Supplement, and people talking about the It Works Mermaid Hair Challenge.  

You’re probably wondering is it real, is it possible, and does Hair Skin & Nails really work?  

I would like to share some It Works Hair Skin & Nails Reviews with you! Plus I want to share a new Product with you that will bring on eve more amazing results with our Hair, Skin and Nails!  It is called CollagenWorks!  See more information below!

(Join my team this month/March2019 and there is a kit with Hair Skin & Nails and the CollagenWorks)  To join now is only $20!  Get your kit start seeing results and everyone will want what you are doing!



What is It Works Hair Skin & Nails?

Buy It Works Body WrapsIt Works Hair Skin & Nails is a nutritional supplement that comes in a tablet form that is taken once a day. It contains biotin, keratin, collagen and elastin which are nutrients your body needs every day.  

These nutrients and / or minerals make up our skin, hair & nails.  For many reasons most people don’t eat enough of the right foods, in the right quantities to supply these essential nutrients on a daily basis.  

Hair Skin & Nails daily supplement provides these essential nutrients to help you get longer, stronger, thicker, healthy looking hair, skin & nails… fast!

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It Works Hair Skin & Nails Ingredients

What is It Works Hair Skin & Nails?2 tablets (a serving) of It Works Hair Skin & Nails supplement contains: 

5,000mcg of Biotin which is a water soluble B-vitamin that’s important for the metabolism of amino acids and fats and cell growth.   

200 mg of MSM which is methyl-sulfonyl-methane. MSM is produced by plants and is a sulfur containing organic compound found naturally in our body’s cells and required for the body’s natural collagen production.   

Horsetail extract which studies have shown may stimulate hair follicles and help with circulation.

Vitamins E, C, B6. zinc, selenium, manganese and pantothenic acid as well as a proprietary blend of Fo Ti root, amla fruit extract, Grape seed extract, and goji fruit extract.

Hair Skin & Nails also contains a Japanese seaweed blend of walkame, nori and kombu and extracts of olive fruit, melon pulp, and algae.  

There are no side effects from It Works Hair Skin & Nails except amazing results!

Comparison of Hair Skin & Nails vs Other Biotin Supplements

It Works Hair Skin & Nails ComparisonNaturally because of liability I cannot “name” other supplements out there.  

But I can tell you that I have personally used many other supplements over the years, as well as my husband.

It’s important that any supplements you use break down and dissolve while they are in the body so they can be absorbed.  

If they aren’t dissolving right away they are going to pass out your digestive tract without benefit to you!

Buy It Works Body Wraps


I’ve had hundreds of customers, clients and professionals in the beauty industry share with me they confidently use and recommend It Works Hair Skin & Nails to their friends or clients.   

I invite you to try It Works Hair Skin & Nails and find out for yourself!  While ordering add the Collagen Works to your order!  I order these and use one every other day and can’t believe the difference!  It taste good too!  Comes in Tropical Crush and I love mine mixed over ice!

Add this to your Hair Skin and Nails and watch your hair and skin transform!  

Click on the picture to order your tasty Tropical Drink of Collagen Works!

What is the Hair Skin & Nails Mermaid Challenge?

The It Works Mermaid Hair Challenge allows you to get results with the Hair Skin & Nails supplement and receive it at wholesale cost as either a Loyal Customer, or Distributor.  We ask that you take before photos, and update them once a week to document your progress, and that you commit to a full 90 days of using the supplement.  You can participate in our free It Works 90 day challenge and get your before and after approved with our Company!  Plus you win beautiful hair, skin and nails to show off to everyone!

As a Loyal Customer or Distributor you’ll save 40% off the Hair Skin & Nails and any other It Works Products!

Here’s where you can learn about the savings & benefits Loyal Customers Receive.   Here’s where you can learn more about becoming an It Works Distributor & how you make money selling the It Works Products.

If you’re a professional in the Beauty, Wellness or Fitness Industry here’s where you can learn more about how you can offer Hair Skin & Nails, and the It Works Body or Facial Wraps as an add-on service or take-home item to your clients to increase traffic & boost your income.

Buy It Works Body WrapsHair Skin & Nails is ordered online, or by phone through an It Works Distributor, and sent directly to your door by It Works Global.  The location of the distributor you order through has no effect on how long it takes to receive your products.  It Works ships from their warehouse locations all over the world, so you’ll have them in just a few business days!

Questions or Phone Orders:   270-875-5686  (m) 

Become an It Works Body Wraps Distributor Enroll OnlineIf you would like to start the It Works Mermaid Hair Challenge and order by phone please give me a call.

Please call or text me with questions or help with anything you would like to know!


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