It Works Body Wraps IrelandThe It Works Body Wraps are available in Ireland for purchase as a Retail Customer, or as a Loyal Customer.   You can also become an It Works Body Wraps Distributor in Ireland and be one of the first to sell the It Works Ultimate Body Applicator (herbal body contouring wrap) throughout Ireland and any other Countries where the It Works Global Products are offered.

How to Apply the It Works Ultimate Body Applicator WrapIf you would like to get information on how the Body Contouring Wraps help firm, tighten and tone the skin and help diminish the appearance of Stretch Marks & Cellulite in just 45 minutes, here are some resources:

Customer Information:

The It Works Ultimate Body Applicator is shipped right to your home.  They come packaged with 4 body wraps in a box.  It's simple to apply in just 3 minutes. You wear the wrap for 45 minutes.  Results progress over 3 days.  

After three days you apply a new wrap and wear it for 45 minutes. Repeat every 3 days until you finish the box.  Be sure to take a before photo, and update your photo after removing the wrap, and take a new photo 3 days later, before you wrap each time.  This will help you see your results!

Buy It Works Body Wraps Defining Gel will help increase your results, and can be used to maintain your results.  There's a sample size tube of Defining Gel in the Wrap Pack, or a full size tube of Defining Gel in the  Wrap Pack 2.   If you want help with Stretch Marks we suggest applying the Stretch Mark Cream  each day.  

When you place your order as a Loyal Customer you'll save up to 45%.  Ready to Get Started?  Simply place your order online, and your wraps will be on the way!   Or contact us below, and receive more information by email.

Distributor Information:

We are introducing the It Works Body Wraps in Ireland, and we need Distributors there who would like to Sell the It Works Ultimate Body Applicator Wraps, and other products!  This is a huge opportunity for the right person who likes to help people, and wants to earn significant income.

It Works Body Wraps $99 Distributor Business Starter KitThe only way to sell the Body Wraps in Ireland is by Becoming an authorized Independent It Works Distributor.   To get started you will need to purchase your It Works Business Starter Kit.  This allows you to purchase products, and body wraps at wholesale, and sell them at retail for profit.

When you enroll online to become a Distributor you'll have the option to add additional body wraps by choosing between two Booster Kits that are priced below normal wholesale cost. This will provide you with extra wraps on hand to sell immediately.  You can also purchase all items individually at wholesale as a Distributor.  

Here are some additional Distributor Resources for Ireland:

Through your It Works Distributor website, people from all over the world may purchase products, or become a distributor, and you earn commissions, bonuses, and Wrap Rewards.

It Works Steps to SuccessWe have a simple system called the Steps to Success.  We will teach you how to maximize your profits, bonuses, and commissions through regular conference calls, webinars, recorded audio, video, online community support, our team resource training website and live events. To help you get started successfully the It Works Training Academy is included to help you learn everything you need to know.





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  1. Victoria perigaud on October 14, 2016 at 7:22 am

    Hello I live in cobh ireland and I am interested in becoming a distributor please. Can you send me more information.


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