It Works 90 Day Body Wrap Challenge plus now add ThermoFight X even better results! And those Crazy Wraps are even better than before!

 It Works 90 Day Body Wrap ChallengeThank you for expressing an interest in our It Works 90 Day Body Wrap Challenge!  I’m Stephanie Sterling, and I have been using the It Works products since August 2012.

Prior to then I was a skeptic, thinking that all those before and after photos I saw on social media just couldn’t be real.  That was until I saw the results from a personal friend I had known for many years.  Her results inspired me to use the It Works Body Wraps to help with the trouble spots I had developed on my tummy, arms and under my chin.  

My personal results, and my passion for helping others are why I became an It Works Distributor.

The 90 Day Body Wrap Challenge is for you if:

  • You want to tone, tighten and firm the skin on any area of your body.
  • You have cellulite, stretch marks, or varicose veins.
  • You’ve had children and want to get rid of your mommy pooch.
  • 1 It Works Body Wrap Results after 2 HoursYou’ve lost weight and have loose, or slackening skin, or lines & wrinkles.
  • You saw yourself in a photo and were shocked by how you have changed.
  • You have a special event coming up and want to look your best.
  • You are preparing for a pageant, or competition coming up.
  • You are in the military and need to pass tape.
  • You have any specific area on your body you would like to change & improve.

Ultimate 90 Day Makeover ChallengeIf your goal is to lose weight, I recommend one of our 90 Day Weight Loss Challenges instead, where I will help you with nutrition, lifestyle, habits, and support to reach your goals.  I use, and recommend the It Works Weight Loss System; 3 Products, 3 Steps which are Wrap, Remove, Reboot.  

It’s so simple! During the weight loss challenge program, you can choose to use the It Works Body Wrap as part of your regimen to boost your results and focus on specific areas of your body while losing weight.

The It Works 90 Day Body Wrap Challenge takes place over the course of 12 weeks.  

You can join the challenge at anytime, it is ongoing, with new members joining daily.

You will choose an area of your body you want to work on over this time period, and apply an It Works Body Wrap to that area once a week. Here are Wrapping Tips & Instructions for Best Results.

During the challenge, you’ll have support the entire time through our private 90 Challenge Community on Facebook. No one on the “outside” can see what is happening on the “inside,” it’s completely confidential, private and secure!

Buy It Works Ultimate Body Wraps wholesaleYou’ll be purchasing a minimum of 3 bags of wraps, 1 bag for each month.  You can also work on multiple areas of your body during the challenge, and purchase as many bags as you would like.

You’ll get your wraps for the challenge at a 40% off wholesale savings, at your choice of either Loyal Customer, or as a Distributor.

The savings is the same, although Distributors can receive free wraps and It Works Products, incentives, bonuses, and commissions.

If you don’t want to save money, (can’t understand why not!) you can of course choose to pay the full retail amount for your wraps 😉

You’ll track your results by taking photos of just the areas of your body you’re working on (no face shots, unless you want to), then updating your photos each time you wrap.

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What you may need to to differently, if these tips aren’t already part of your lifestyle:

  • You must drink adequate water each day for the wraps to work properly, for your good health, and to maintain your results!  Nothing crazy, just the amount of water your body requires daily to function properly. Here’s how much water you need to drink when using the It Works Body Wraps.
  • You need to eat clean, natural, wholesome foods to maintain your results.  What we do to the inside of our bodies, shows up on the outside. We are what we eat! 
  • It goes without saying; you can’t overeat, and consume more calories than you burn, and get great results, or maintain your results.  If you need help in this area, let me know!
  • Reduce, or eliminate unhealthy foods: Sugar, artificial sweeteners (choose stevia), processed, refined flours, pasta made from flour, white rice, bread, pizza, dairy, desserts, candy. Fast food, processed junk foods, and foods that are packed with artificial ingredients, chemicals, dyes, additives, hormones, antibiotics, and have little nutritional value. High amounts of starchy foods like potatoes, bananas, etc. 
  • If you smoke, I hope you’ll stop!  Eliminate excessive alcohol.  A glass of wine each day is fine!  
  • Use common sense. I encourage you, as soon as you purchase your wraps, or other It Works Products, that you ask me for a free copy of my eBook with daily self-care, nutrition, recipes, meal plans, shopping lists, and a simple 20 minute daily at-home workout. 

Buy It Works Ultimate Body Wraps wholesale

I can’t wait to help you get incredible results!!

Are you ready?  

How to Start the It Works Body Wraps 90 Day Challenge:

  1. Purchase your body wraps.  You need one box to start.  You can get more if you would like. Purchase Body Wraps here as a Customer.  Or to become a Distributor, Purchase your Distributor Kit, it includes Body Wraps.  If you want to lose weight, choose the 90 Day Ultimate Makeover Challenge.  Get Your It Works Weight Loss System.
  2. After you make your purchase, send me a friend request on Facebook (so I know who you are) and join the private support group on Facebook.
  3. I will email you wrapping tips, and instructions when you place your order.
  4. If you would like guidance on lifestyle, nutrition, exercise, self-care, etc, send me a message with your request and Ill send you a link for a special App!
  5. Get excited, and keep in touch, I am here for you!  You can reach me by phone, or text at 270-875-5686  
  6. Keep in touch with our Challenge Community daily for recipes, tips, sharing, fun, and occasional prizes!
  7. Take weekly photos to track your progress.  Download an app to your mobile device, like PicCollage to put your photos side-by-side, so you can see your progress!

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And Now!  New Clinically proven ThermoFight X will  get you the results 2x faster!   Use a reduced calorie or Keto diet along with ThermoFight X for 90 days and watch the fat melt! 

Click here for more information and to order your Thermofight X

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