I may be over weight but………

I will be the first to say being overweight is not good!  Not good at all!  Being overweight is bad for your heart, your joints, and let’s face our self esteem!  So I am not telling you being overweight is a good thing……….but I am telling you that you can still be healthier with the right health supplements and eating right (well most of the time).   

I’m going to share my blood work with you that I just had done last weekend of March this year!  I was proud as a peacock when I saw my numbers.  Because I feared they might reveal the weight thing even more!    But as you can see in my pictures I shared, the numbers were great!  So Sherri get your weight down at least 20 pounds and you will be even more proud of yourself!  Yes I talk to myself sometimes!

The proof is in the pudding!  As you can see for yourself!

So what do I take in the Health Supplements world?  I love our Chocolate Greens so those are priority.  The Fat Fighters are always in my purse or near by after a big meal.  I am drinking the Keto Coffee or Creamer and I use the Ketones which are soooo good!  I also drink the CollagenWorks every other day.    So I really think because I am doing the Keto with the good fat and I cook very healthy added to the Greens and the Fat Fighters is why I did so well!   So knowing I am overweight, enjoy a little wine and have the results here assures me my Health supplements and choices in eating make a huge difference!   

I dont want to talk age here, but in your 60’s most people are on a prescription of some kind!   I am not and my husband isn’t.  We have been addicted to our supplements for 8 years!  I think its paid off!   

So would you have an interest in getting your Health Supplements wholesale?  Then I have a deal for you!   Join the VIP Loyal Customer Program and that is exactly what you will get!  Plus as a VIP LC, you get points added to your account monthly for discounted or FREE product!   It is free to join IF you commit to ordering now, and then two more months.  You can change your order date and product at any time!   So how about giving it a 3 month trial and see for yourself!

Now I can’t stop here, I have to tell you more about the program just in case you fall in love with our products!  So as long as you are on an autoship, regardless how often you change the date of the month or product you will get that 10% to go in your account, but there’s more!  If you stay for a full 6 months then after your 6th autoship, the company puts in $50 for you to spend in our online store!  If you continue for 12 full months you will receive another $150 to spend!   So $200 plus 10% of your orders can add up!

Let me add this, you have full control over your orders.  Now I can take care of them like if you want to change an order or date with your approval. But you are in full control!  So dont be afraid of the autoship thing!  You will have access to it all!  If you are done after 3rd month, then cancel your autoship.  Dont cancel your membership.  Once you joined its free and for life!  Better than an annual fee, right?  

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