How To Save Up To 45% on Natural Based Products

Everyone likes a sale!  We all want to save money where we can without losing quality!  What if you could just get the wholesale price anytime you wanted with no membership fee?   I am a member of Sams Club I had to pay my membership fee that is due annually.  I know and accept that, of course!  But I ‘ll admit I would love it more if I didn’t have to pay that fee!  That is the only option Sam’s Club offers, so it is what it is!   

What if I told you that you can join my VIP Club for free?  Is there a catch?  Well yeah!  LOL  But not a big one!  You see most everyone who trys a product to see results need to use it at least 2 or 3 months!  So that’s the catch!  Join for FREE and agree to try our products two more months! 

Now you have other options unlike Sam’s Club.  You can pay a one time membership fee of $50 and just order when you randomly choose.  BUT!  WHY!  You can buy 1 or two products with that $50!   

How does it work?  Easy!  You go to and click shop and go browse the products and choose the ones you want.  Then pick Loyal Customer, that gives you the VIP treatment!  Buy any $25 bv product and it counts as one of your  3 months!   

So Example:  Today you ordered the Thermofight X and if you want it next month you do nothing.  If you want to try a different product or add something you have full control of your account and can go in and make changes.  I can do that too if you ask for and use the Distributor Help button!   So after your first order today you need to order two more months.  Thats it!  Then you are a member for life as long as you don’t cancel your membership.  You can cancel your autoship and just order whenever after that!  And there is no Annual Fee!

You pay the fee only the one time if you choose to pay it at all!   Wait!  There’s more!   If you fall in love with our products and you stay on autoship for those 3 months, you will get perk points.  Each point is a dollar!  At the end of the 3 months they are there for you to use toward product!  Depending on your purchases you can get FREE products!  It averages to about 10% of each months order. 

Oh I am not done yet!  Many people fall in love with our Greens and other suppplements, which means they are on them daily.  So they just keep their autoship on and order other products with it or just leave it.  After 6 months of ordering on autoship, the company will put $50 more in your account!  You can buy whatever you want in the store!  Staying with us for a year gives you a gift of $150 more in your account!  And they do this every year!  I have had Loyal Customers leave theirs for a while and Christmas shop with as much as $700 in free product!  It adds up and it is our way to say thank you for being such a Loyal Customer! 

Now there are several reasons why you want to shop with us as our VIP Member!  But there is one more thing!  There are times you will receive a little sample in the mail or a Discount coupon to use on product too!  We love our customers and it is nice to give back!   

With the quality of product we can offer and the amazing VIP program for wholesale, why not It Works?   You will only have to reach out to me for questions or guidance in what will work best for the results you are looking for!   

So Click here the picture of the girl shopping on line, go browse and start your FREE VIP Membership today with me!

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