Health and Wellness is cool!

Health and Wellness has come a long way!  Years ago you were thought a little weird or ecentric even if you were vegetarian, or only ate organic or went to Holistic practioners.   You get my drift.  But now its the THING, now you are cool that you took control of your health and body. 

Its a good thing to know when your body says something is off.  I am not opposed to doctors at all.  However, I do believe often times people are over medicated and its more of a bandaide than a solution.

Many doctors today have become more open minded about the Holistic ways and Health supplements.  That’s the doctor I will tend to go see.  I believe that God made cures for almost everything from natural and botanicals.  The earth and the plants that were put on this earth have medicimal purposes, not just to be pretty or green.  There are so many old remedies out there that are lost due to progress that most of our older generation used.  Mountain people were famous for antidotes from the earth.  I know the world has changed and so has health issues due to what man has done to themselves.  But I believe there are Holistic natural paths to take for many illnesses.  

Saying all of that to say, it is up to you/us to learn about the Health Supplements available.  Their benefits, yes even their side affects.  Most dont have many side affects but sometimes a person may be allergic, so you do need to do your research.

We have a product that I think everyone should be using daily!  Our Greens are amazing!  They build your immune system, they help people with seasonal allergies, they give energy and so much more!   That is honestly the first product I fell in love with.  And I might add was a true skeptic of skeptics!   But after 2 weeks of being on the Greens I felt it!  The chronic fatigue was not there.  I felt normal, good normal!  I had not felt well in several years due to my Thyroid being removed.   What did I have to lose right?  I am grateful my husband pushed it, he said “babe you feel terrible all of the time, why not try?” And so I did, and here I am sharing this with you!

So, yes I believe everyone should be on our Greens!  They are very reasonable in price too!  A month supply is like $33-$35 depending on the packaging you prefer.  You can’t juice for that for a week, let along a month!  And as a Loyal Customer if you order 3 months in a row, you get perk points which equal dollars!  Which equals free or discounted!   So yeah, you need to try them!   I love the Chocolate!  We have Berry too!  The Chocolate taste great in my Keto Coffee or in Almond milk.  If you prefer water, they almost taste like the Yohoo drink!   Kids love them!

Speaking of kids, if they are picky and you are concerned about their eating poorly.  Greens!  The Berry taste like Kool aid and you can even put it in juice!  Most every kid loves Chocolate, so there you go!    

Bottomline, we have to take care of ourselves and our families!   And if you can find a natural way to do so, even better!  I am very proud of the quality of our products and they are also competitive in pricing too!

Questions about the Greens or other products? Message me here or text me at 270-875-5686   I would love to hear from you!


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