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I’ll be the first to say I slip up now and then!  Especially when it comes to the Diet.  I love to try new recipes and I love to eat!  Several years ago I lost my Thyroid and everything changed when it come to weight!   I never really had a Weight problem and suddenly I gained weight barely eating!   So thus my struggle began!   I did the reduced calorie diet, the no fat diet, the barely eating diet!  Yes even the Low-Carb Diet but not Keto, that had not been born yet, LOL.

I discovered Keto a year ago and saw results that I had not seen in years!  I felt better, I wasn’t bloated, I wasn’t puffy!  I didn’t know I was puffy until I saw pictures!   I continued Keto for a year before taking a real break from it.   I know I’m going back to the Keto with a different approach.  I’m going to cut back carbs, I will start everyday with Keto Coffee and end the day with Ketones!   If I mess up with a non Keto diet moment, I will take FatFighters!  They absorb Carbs too!  And now  this month I will be taking ThermoFight X!   I ordered it as soon as it was announced and I cannot wait!   So now I will be doing a  very rare thing.   I will be sharing my journey with you.  I am a very private person, this will not be easy for me to share!  I am very sure however, this will be a journey with Victory in sight!  I will be sharing weekly loss, WARNING I  lose different from most everyone it seems!  So It will be interesting to see how this will work for me!  I’m the toughest customer I have!

Now, I’ll admit I would love to have a few join me for this new journey, so if you want to be a loser with me just call, text or email me asking  for the information you will need.   You may want to start out with a couple of items or all that I mentioned above. We can look at your budget  and go from there.  

The products that I mentioned are available at my  price for you too!  So you will pay the same price I do!  How about that? Keto Coffee, FatFighters, Ketones, ThermoFight X (newest product)  I can’t wait to try it!  It has ingredients that helps you lose  2x as much!  One of the ingredients is clinically proven to lose on average of 31 pounds in 90 days with a reduced calorie/or diet of choice where the second group just followed the reduced calorie diet and lost and average of 11 pounds in 90 days.    So I am so excited to see what results my friends, my customers and myself will see!



Pick 1 or 2, 3 or all 4!  You will see results when using these products.  I’m going for all 4!

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