Happy 4th of July! God Bless America!

When I think of Freedom, my first thoughts are America!  I am a proud American who loves this country and our flag.  I don’t want to get all political here but America has always been the best country on earth to live.  The changes that I see are very concerning and the lack of respect for our Flag is heart breaking!  I am confused how we got where we are today.  There has been so much blood lost for our freedom.  I love our Veterans!   So then my second thought about Freedom is my business.  I have had this Freedom for over 8 years now.  I work from home mostly.  I enjoy making my decisions when I wake up, go to bed, take vacations.  I don’t ask off, I just take off!  If I really want to I can even go for a fun trip and still run my business!  That is FREEDOM!  So this week I celebrate with great pride for this this great land called America!  I hope you have a safe 4th and find thankfulness to be here on this soil called the United States Of America!  Freedom can be yours!



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