We are not in the Hand Sanitizer business but............during these times we are going to make an exception!  Anyone who orders now or until supply is gone can get this amazing non-alcohol sanitizer for $9.99!  That TWO bottles for $9.99.  This is a special thing just for our Customers!   So any order of $25 or more and you can order the set of 2 Hand sanitizers for $9.99!   And right now until April 19th you can pick two product for $49!  There are 15 products to choose!  And you can purchase up to 3 Pick Twos!  That makes each product $24.50 each!

This is a great deal considering that one of those products wholesale priced at $63!  OMG   There are different ones to choose from Like our Skinny Brew Coffee, Keto Coffee and our De caf Chai Tea!  Or maybe you want the Super Reds  and Super Greens?  Dr Nassif's line that includes the Neck Treatment, the Illuminating Pads and Lash Serum!

There are the Old Favorites like Confianza and the 2 day Cleanse.  The Carb Control and Thermofight X and Hydrate and Best Fat Fuel Shake!  All 2 for $49!  You can to pick the two you want!  One more thing as a new Loyal Customer, if you want to keep that order you can for the same price as long as you dont delete it from the next shipment.  In other words you can pick 2 bags of the Skinny Brew for $49 and you can have that same price month after month!  You can add to your order but you can delete that Pick 2 and get the same another time.  Questions just text me 270 875 5686 and we will get you started!  Don't forget the Pick two ends April 19th!

Did I mention if you spend over $99 you will get FREE shipping?  Did I mention that if you spend $200 or more you will get an addtional 10% off!  This is the deal of the year!  Feel free to Text 2708755686

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