Freedom! On This Memorial Holiday what is your freedom?

 Freedom can mean so many things, but on this Memorial Day we need to take a moment and know that our Freedom was never Free but came at a very high cost of lives of other Americans.  We often say Happy Memorial Day, when really it is a sad day but a day of gratitude.  Families are without their parents, children and friends on this day for Freedom!  Thank you to all Military for our Freedom and for all you day every single day to keep it that way!  This picture was taken in Tybee Island this year while I was actually killing a couple of days waiting for the next Expo I was sharing my products with!  Tina, my sponsor and I decided last year with all the new Keto Line, we should go tell the world!  While doing that we had some fun times too!  I love Tybee Island!

You know Freedom comes in many kinds of packaging.  Freedom of debt, owning your time, not living your life by an alarm clock, not answering to someone who really doesnt care about your life, your needs, your family.  Freedom can mean leaving a hated but needed job, becoming debt free from a once overwhelming load of credit card debt or more.  Freedom can mean feeling healthy, healing from a sick and tired body.   

So Freedom has lots of meanings and more than mentioned here.  So What is Your Freedom?   

Here’s mine: I wake up when my body says its ready, not because the alarm clock says its time to get up.  I enjoy a quiet cup of coffee on my beautiful deck surrounded with water fountains and flowers.  I can go visit my aging and not well mother that involves the entire day due to distance.  I can plan our vacations or mini trips and not ask anyone if I can be off those days.  I was able to sat with my Father as he was fading away from this life and be there to be the strength with my Mother and siblings.  I was there for several days.  No one telling me I had to come back to work. 

Now is there a price for this Freedom?  Absolutely!  I work from home everyday!  I blog 2-3 times a week.  I reach out to potential customers and distributors.  I train my newest Team.  I am there for my team daily if they need help or to simply need to connect.  I work at my desk with the window open and I hear the birds chirping, my fountains flowing and the prettiest chimes! I may even take my laptop to the deck on the cooler days and work!   I can take a few steps into my kitchen for a little lunch or something to drink.  I can stop for a while if hubby comes in and catch up with his day.   I can be here working at my desk and dinner is in the oven.  I even take and make calls for the 4 hours Im traveling to see my mom.  I may go to bed at 11 pm  or 2 am and get up at 8 or 9 am.  There is no rush hour in the morning or evening.  No time clock to beat, no sick days, no vacation days, no personal days, no working holidays unless I choose to, no one making my life decisions but me!   

But yes there is a price of this Freedom!  You must be disciplined, determined, hungry, driven and love the adventure!  I love knowing that there is no cap on what I can make!  The sky is the limit!  Not kidding!  The limits are only put there by you.  The company won’t hold you back.  You will be rewarded by your efforts and they are happy to pay you!  What does it actually cost you to get started?  Only $99!  That is $99 to have your own business!  No you don’t need a blog/site like this!  I actually havent had this very long!  I always wanted to have a blog and I love it but this is all new to me.  For 8 years of my business I didnt have this blog, I have an official website with It Works,   That has been all I needed!  So $99 includes a kit you choose and it will be valued over the $99 you spend plus it includes your first months esuite and website! 

I really want to break down what you need to do if you are seriously thinking of joining my team: 

These are the Steps To Success 

  • Join for $99, choose your kit and name for your website, then set up your $80 BV auto ship  (don’t panic, this is a tax write off and you need to use the product you are sharing with everyone!)
  • Enroll 4 Loyal Customers in your first 30 days!  You will receive $100 Shopping Spree and 2 product rewards!
  • Then find 3 people you would like to build your team with!  3 people who need or want extra money.  Maybe they want to quit their job but can’t, a single mom needs extra $500 a month, college students who want to pay off their student loans.  Don’t prejudge anyone!  We don’t know what their life is behind closed doors.  You will be very surprised sometimes!

This is it!  And then you just start all over and do it again and again and again!  All except joining LOL, you only do that once!   You can make $200 a month or $2,000 a month or $200,000 a month!  How hard are you willing to work?  How much time can you give this to change your future?  Bottomline if you do this in 1 year, 2 years 5 years or longer, you are earning as you go and at some point you will know you are able to make those decisions of quitting your job, putting the money back for someday, etc.

So what’s your Freedom you dream about?  You wanted but never thought you could have?  If you are willing to be coachable, put in the effort and understand the plan of building your business, you can have those dreams come true!  I will mentor you all the way!  I will see you rise to the first Leadership Level and beyond!  Are you ready to take that Leap Of Faith?  Then send me an email or Text me!  270-875-5686  Or just click the button below and just join!



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