Who likes FREE?  ME!!  Free as in how?  Join my team this month for $20, saving $79 plus you can earn a $100 shopping spree!  That’s free stuff!  Also by earning that $100 shopping spree you will have also earned two product rewards!  What is a product reward?  You will be able to buy the Wraps or Facials for less than Wholesale for only $25 for 4 and Free shipping!  Or you can buy a bag of our Famous Keto Coffee for $19 instead of whole price of $39 and Free shipping!

If you become an It Works Distributor this month, 2019 you will also be eligible to earn an additional Bonuses  (to be announced monthly). 

What questions do you have?  

Call or text me (Sherri) at 270-875-5686

If you have everything you need to know in order to make a decision, you can either enroll right now online, or give me a call and I can help you right over the phone. It’s entirely up to you and which way you are most comfortable.

Become an It Works Body Wraps Distributor Enroll Online

As soon as you do I will help you get started in the It Works Training Academy, and help you connect with the 24 our support & training community I have online, and well as our exclusive team resource website that I’ve created just for those I mentor and coach. It’s packed with step by step instructions and ideas on exactly how to market your business through any avenue; online, offline, through social media, and it’s complete with flyers, before & after photos you can use, recorded video & audio training, and so much more.

And you will have access to my help, support and coaching day, or night.

-I look forward to working together & helping you create the business & lifestyle of your dreams!

Sherri Hardeman  270-875-5686

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