Black Friday Bogos November 27-30 2019 has gone Bonkers!

Who doesn’t love BOGOS?  I mean two for the price of one is always cool with me!   So let’s talk Bogo.   We are having not one, not two, but 8 Bogos!   That Crazy Wrap Thing and the Defining Gel, our Famous Facial, The new Skin Care Collection, Lip and Eye cream, Hair Skin and Nails, New and improved Confianza, and our latest product Carb Control!!    So you have lots to choose from!  Looking younger, losing weight, maintain weight through the Holidays, Firm and Tone, Mermaid Hair.  You can go Bogo Bonkers too!

BeautyWorks Skin Collection, Hair, skin and Nails, Carb Control, Defining Gel, Body Wrap, Facials, Lip and Eye Cream plus our Confianza (not pictured here)  With $75 or more in order will receive FREE Shipping!

So Lets talk about each Bogo for a moment! 

#1 Bogo is Our new BeautyWorks Collection has everything you need in this kit!  It comes with a wonderful Cleanser that feels like silk and helps balance the dry or oily skin!  It has a daytime moisturizer and a night time moisturizer! Our newest addtion the Serum!  Radiance is amazing and one little dot goes a long way!  We now have the improved Hair, skin and Nails with Keratin!  This is all in your BeautyWorks Collection! 

Our Bogo #2 is the Hair, Skin and Nails with double the Biotin and added Keratin! 

#3 is our Carb Control!  I have to admit this is my new love!  I am planning on being reasonable of course but I am going to enjoy the Holiday food this year and take my trusty Carb Control!  You can even add the Fat Fighters after if you want! 

#4 is our wonderful Defining Gel that firms and tightens and tones the skin with consistant use and compliments #5 our Body Applicators that you can use neck down! 

Of course everyone who knows me knows I am in love with #6 our Facials!  Great for all ages!

#7 is our Lip and Eye Cream that helps those puffy mornings and crows feet!  

#8 Confianza which is not pictured here.  Our Confianza is amazing for those who are stressed, lack of focus, deals with anxiety and yes helps reduce cortisol which in turn helps reduce belly fat!  Confianza is Bogo today! 

The other Bogos will start 10 am eastern time!  Happy Bogo everyone!   

Join as a VIP Loyal Customer with our Bogos that are 25bv or more and next month you can order anything wholesale too!   VIP is a lifetime membership for enjoying the wholesale prices plus acquiring Free product too!  How?  Simply order your Bogo or any other product and agree to order something else of 25bv or more for two more times after and you will be a member for FREE.

Or you can pay $50 membership like Sams or Costco and just order randomly.  But why?  $50 will buy a nice product!  Then you order randomly as you please!  Most love us for a long time and enjoy getting their FREE products!  Just recently a Customer of mine used her perk points for the second time for FREE product!   

You know you can email me [email protected] or TEXT/Call 270-875-5686 for added information or assistance to order!    Or fill out the contact form on the screen and tell me what you are intersted in the most!

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