Black Friday And Cyber Monday Is Going BOGO!

Our Black Friday starts Wednesday November 27th-November 29th!!!  Click on this picture and shop in your PJs and no crowds!!


Loyal Customers get all the perks!  If you become my Loyal customer now, you will be the first to know about the Black Friday specials!  And trust me they are really something!  Did I mention BOGO?   Yeah!   So go to and find a favorite product you have wanted to try. 

Become a Loyal Customer and (please dont pay the fee) you can order product instead!  So order now and then watch for the special announcements that will be in your email first thing!   I am so excited about our BOGOs this year!  You will be too!!!   

Now I can also shoot you a quick email or text if you prefer and thats ok too.  Just know the special wholesale prices are just for Loyal Customers and you can be one the day your order! 

What is a Loyal Customer?  It’s easy!  You enroll as a VIP Loyal Customer and then you have two options.  You can agree to ordering something $25 or more for two more months or you can pay $50 fee like Sam’s or Costco.   But don’t!  Think what you could buy in the next two months with that $50!      We have several products $25 to $40, Its crazy to pay the fee when you could have two bottles of Fat Fighters or Confianza!    After the 3rd order you can stop ordering and then just order randomly if you prefer.  Many want to be on our products monthly and so they don’t stop there!  But that is up to you!  If you have questions about our VIP program, just call, text 270-875-5686 or email me [email protected]   Or simply fill out the form that popped up and tell me what you need!   I would love to add you to my happy customers!  Black Friday is just around the corner!  If you email me or text me your name and say tag me I will be sure to put you on the priority list to tell first!


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