All I Want For Christmas is Long Lashes and Younger Skin

Long Lashes and look Younger too!  We have partnered with an amazing well known Surgeon from Hollywood!  Dr Nassif himself!   He is known from the Real Housewives Show, His show Botched and of course his amazing talent as a surgeon!  We are taking our Skin Care Line to a Whole Nother Level and to include a Lash and Brow Serum that not only works but won’t break the bank!

Lash and Brow Serum  $63

You will find that it Visiably enhances appearance of lashes and brows making them helathier, fuller and longer!  Helps to condition, strengthen and protect against breakage.   Important to know….. 3 things we did different from others on the market!  We don’t have the Prunus Amygdalus Dulcis which is Sweet Almond which is what people were allergic to and you can develop and allergy to it It also has MUCH less Allantoin which can cause peeling and itching in those that used the other brand.  We also don’t have the isopropyl cloprosrenate. Which is a CLASS C and makes it unsafe for pregnancy

Easy to use 

1. Use before bedtime-let it dry before going to bed 

2. Apply directly to root of your lashes and brows.   


1. Keratin-protein 

2. Fortifying Peptides-clinically proven 

3. Encapsulated Plant Extracts (Horsetail Kelp, Channeled Wrack(seaweed), Millet Seed- clinically proven. 

4. Vitamin B5-Nourishes the roots   


Illuminating Facial Pads- $40   

Wipes away dead skin cells, boosts natural glow and balance skin tones while reducing appearance of pores.  Exfoliates and Hydrates!  (Very Important for all ages but especially as we age) 

1. Night time (3x a week then then build up to daily use) 

2. AFter cleansing (refresh) then facial pad, then Prevent and Radiance. 


1. Alpha and Beta Hydroxy Acid (AHA & BHA) exfoliating acids 

2.  Azelaic Acid Complex-clinically proven skin brightener!  Even and balance skin tone and complexion! 

3. Caviar Lime-AHA’s restores softness from the skin!

4. Willow Bark- BHA’s complexion   


Firming Neck Treatment- $55   

Fast Acting, anti-wrinkle tightening and contouring cream for the neck, chest and jawline!   

1. Twice a day   

2. Small amount ot your fingertips and work into the skin of your neck, jawline and upperchest with small, circular motions.   


1. Bioactive Marine Peptides-Body is able to use the ingredient IMMEDIATELY, Clinically proven ingredientot tighten, tone and firm.

2. Niacinamide- B3 driven. Softens, conditons and firms. 

3. Pullalan-IMMEDIATE tightening effect on the skin

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