About That Crazy Wrap Thing And Me!


Me having fun at the Louis Vuitton Store Dreaming Big! 

Like my glasses? 🙂 There was a time I would have never allowed myself to dream like this!  


Welcome to my Blog!   Just a little about me and how did I become a part of this Skinny Wrap Business.  

Shortly after learning of this opportunity, we got a call about the news of a big promotion.  The whole time I thinking go away!  (sorry Tina) I just didn't think I could be successful in a Direct Sales Business!  I had tried others and failed!  Little did I know this would be a major part of my life and loving it!

I can not imagine my life without IT Works!  The business/income is just a part of it.  The friendships and self growth has been one of the best things I've ever had in my life!

It is now 11 years later and I am still here, loving the Crazy business as much as ever and continue to enjoy the friendships, fun and yes the freedom that comes with our business! 

I am always looking for people who want more and who are coachable to learn.  This is a very simple business and the key is believing in the products, the company and yourself!  If that sounds like you, we need to talk ASAP! 

We have just been given the most amazing new Program where you can be paid not only monthly but weekly!  They have made it easier than ever to be a success with this company! 

YOU deserve more!  If you want more, then this is for YOU!

Internet home based businessWhy Am I Still Here?

That is a great question!  But I don't have just 1 answer.   There are many reasons why I am still here.  Some will seem not so much like a business answer but more on a personal level. 

Relationships, support, friendships, like minds can be the glue to hold you together when your business has it's ups and downs.  (They all do)  So be sure to have that support in your upline and team! 

A second reason I'm still here.

The Company and leadership of our CEO and Corporate.  He has a vision for the company and has worked in the field to be where he is today.  So he get's it.  Mark is a visionary who wants to see us succeed.   He truly gets blessed from seeing our success.  That is a true leader!     

Then of course the products!  Customers seeing results!  That is a huge reward to me!  Happy Customers, who use the products and see the results they were hoping for!   

Hearing from my customers excited with reaching their goals or just loving the journey of better health and feeling the difference makes my day!

Tears of joy when a team mate promotes or a Customer is seeing life changing results can make a girl want to stay!

No other company ever made me feel this way.   So that is "Why" I am still here and that is "Why" this company is perfect for me! 

There are no limits except for the ones you put on yourself in the this business!  So "YOU" decide!   Click below if you would like to hear more!  

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