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Host an It Works Body Wrap Party and Get a Free Body Wrap

WrapPartyGet amazing results and share the fun with friends!

There’s no other product on the market today like the Ultimate Body Applicator body wrap to firm, tighten and tone.  The proof is in the results, and the tape measure doesn’t lie!

Get Your Body Wrap Free

Get some friends together, and for each 4 guests who wrap for $25, you’ll get a free wrap.   If you have 8 friends who wrap at $25 each, you’ll get a get a body wrap AND a facial wrap for the ultimate makeover. 

We Deliver Results & FUN!

Our Skinny Wrap Parties are fun and relaxed, and deliver results to help everyone look and feel younger and thinner.  

Watch Our Body Wrap Party Video Below …

Our product line fits easily into busy lifestyles and to make getting results convenient and easy.

A Skinny Wrap Party lasts about two hours, and each guest will get to choose the areas they want to contour, firm, tighten and

Choose from the abdomen, back, thighs, arms, chin, & neck or our amazing Facial Applicator.  Our body wraps are worn under regular clothing, so guests can mingle while waiting for results.

Our body wraps are applied privately with measurements taken confidentially, and while each guest is “reducing” they can enjoy water, snacks and conversation with others.

After 45 minutes of anticipation it’s time for each guest to discover their results from Ultimate Body Applicator Body Wrap.

Expect a lot of excitement from your guests unexpected & surprising results!

With our Ultimate Body Applicator body wrap you’ll continue to see progressive results over the next day, continued through 72 hours of application.

Some ideas for your Skinny Wrap Party are … 

  • Girls Night “In”
  • Bridal Shower
  • Bachelorette Party
  • Birthday Party
  • Poker Night
  • Couples Night
  • Football/Hockey Night (Yes, men love to wrap too, watch a game and lose a few inches)

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Your information will never be sold, or shared with any 3rd party.
The information you share with us is only used to provide you the information you request.  

6 Great Reasons to Host or Attend a Skinny Wrap & Lose Party

You have skin with the unsightly appearance of cellulite or stretch marks.
You want to revitalize and tone areas with signs of aging.
You want to tighten and tone areas with loose skin.
You want a $300 spa treatment (in the most exclusive spas in Europe) for a fraction of the cost.
You want a non-invasive, affordable solution to take you from flab to fab.
You want a convenient, fun, affordable, commitment free way to learn about the It Works line of body contouring, skin care and dietary supplement products.
You want an to see results in your tummy, thighs, arms or back in just one 45 minute application.


Get your Wrap for FREE if you have 6 Guests attend & get wrapped!
Call, Email, Text, Facebook and Tweet all your friends. 
Tell them your having a Body Wrap & Lose Party at your home or office.
You can go from flab to FAB in 45 minutes, and everyone has a blast!


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