Why the It Works Diamond Wrap Stars Team?

Friendship Fun & Freedom Diamond Wrap Stars Team

The It Works Diamond Wraps Stars Team mission is to empower men and women with education, mentoring, tools, resources and support to live healthier, debt free, financially strong lives, and make a difference in the the world! The founders of the Diamond Wrap Stars Team, Stephanie Sterling & Roy Juers are Direct Sales & Network Marketing Leaders […]

It Works Body Wraps Distributor Stephanie Sterling

Stephanie Sterling It Works Body Wraps Distributor

Thank you for taking the time to learn more about me! I’m Stephanie Sterling, entrepreneur, Home Business, Wellness and Lifestyle Coach.  I began my journey as an It Works Body Wraps Distributor in August 2012 on a very part-time basis.  The “official” date I started was in May of 2013, after resigning my position as a top Distributor in […]

It Works Body Wraps for Chiropractors

It Works Body Wraps for Chiroprators

The It Works Body Wraps  Ultimate Body Applicator are a great fit for Chiropractors to offer their clients as a service, or as a take-home item for them to use the body wraps at home.  I’m Stephanie Sterling, and my husband Roy and I specialize in helping Chiropractic Offices successfully integrate the wraps into their practice.   […]

It Works Body Wraps for Personal Fitness Trainers

It Works Body Wraps for Fitness Trainers

When first hearing of the It Works Body Wraps, many Personal Fitness Trainers feel quite skeptical about how a fabric piece of cloth, infused with a herbs in a botanical cream could possibly begin to diminish the appearance of stretch marks, and cellulite, and firm, tighten and tone, slackening, loose and sagging skin… in just 45 […]

It Works Distributor Steps to Success

The It Works Body Wraps Distributor Mini Booster Kit

When you ask an It Works Body Wraps Distributor how to be successful they’ll tell you it’s by following the simple Steps to Success. We don’t complicate things, we keep it simple, everyone knows what to do, and how to teach their new distributors how to succeed.   You begin the Steps to Success when […]

How to Choose your It Works Body Wraps Sponsor and Mentor

Choosing Your It Works Body Wraps Sponsor

One of the biggest decisions you’ll make when you decide to become an It Works Body Wraps Distributor, is who to choose to work with as your It Works Body Wraps Sponsor. Many people research It Works Global online, find our website and contact us, because they want to sell body wraps from home, online, or […]

How Much Money Can I Make Selling It Works Body Wraps

It Works Body Wraps Get Out of Debt

Are you wondering How Much Money You Can Make Selling It Works Body Wraps? In a nutshell, I don’t know! What I DO know, is that if you’re self-motivated, and know why you want to do this, what it will do for you and your family, and that you want whatever that is really bad, and […]

Benefits of Becoming an It Works Body Wraps Distributor

Benefits of Joining our It Works Body Wrap Team

The benefits of becoming an It Works Distributor is part of what I love most, next to sharing these benefits with other people to help them become a Distributor too. When I first took a look at this company back in August 2012, evaluating things carefully with my husband Roy, we saw how the benefits […]

It Works Body Wraps $500 Income Guarantee

It Works Body Wraps Distributor $500 Income Guarantee

  That’s not a typo, you read that right When you become an It Works Body Wraps Distributor we have a $500 Guarantee! Here’s how it works: We have a simple system, called the Steps to Success. The Steps to Success sets us apart from other home based businesses. In every home business, when you […]

It Works $10,000 GOOD (Get Out of Debt) Bonus

It Works Body Wraps Get Out of Debt Bonus

We’d love to help you earn the $10,000 Get Out of Debt Bonus It Works Global has a mission to help families and individuals get out of debt.   Our company is debt free, and through our G.O.O.D. Bonus promotion many distributors have wiped out tens and hundreds of thousands of dollars of consumer credit card debt, auto […]

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