How to Choose your It Works Body Wraps Sponsor and Mentor

Choosing Your It Works Body Wraps SponsorOne of the biggest decisions you’ll make when you decide to become an It Works Body Wraps Distributor, is who to choose to work with as your It Works Body Wraps Sponsor.

Many people research It Works Global online, find our website and contact us, because they want to sell body wraps from home, online, or from their existing business.  

Some of these people ask us if we have a local distributor  they can talk with, choose as their sponsor, have that person train them, and work with them.

I’m going to be very up-front and candid with you.  

It’s one of the most important things you need to know… before you get started and get your Distributor Kit by enrolling online.

Is Having a Local Sponsor Best?

The person you sign up with as your sponsor could be your next door neighbor, or live in the same town as you, and may not return your calls, emails, or texts after you join!

Or, they might have a different vision than you for the business, have different goals, and objectives.

Long Distance It Works Body Wraps SponsorYour sponsor can be across the Country from you, or even in a different country and be the right person, who is committed to their business, supportive and helpful to their team and the people they sponsor.  

A long distance sponsor might be the right coach to help you get started, and the right mentor to teach you, and is knowledgeable in all aspects of the ways you can market and grow your business.  

It’s super important that your sponsor will be there for you, day or night by phone, text and email to train you, guide you, and help you.

Their personality, passion, and positivity for their business, and everything about life are going to have a direct effect on you, and your business.  

I Chose the wrong It Works Body Wraps SponsorIt’s tragic when someone is determined and decides to have a local sponsor, then gets zero help and support, and finds out that their choice… cannot…be…undone.

I have people call me all the time who have chosen the wrong sponsor.   Some of them are in tears and would do anything to have a do-over and have me be their sponsor.   When this happens, I will of course help them as much as I can, and am here for them later when they call.   But you have to remember, for everyone… there are only so many hours in a day, and naturally your mentor is going to be more dedicated to those who are a direct part of their team, and those they personally sponsor, than someone who is not.

The moment you’ve finished enrolling to become a distributor, order your kit, and your website is created, the person you enrolled with is your sponsor, coach and mentor.  

It is a legal, binding, contract.  

So please, choose your sponsor wisely, and carefully!


Here’s my Personal Criteria when choosing a sponsor:Checklist for Choosing Your It Works Body Wraps Business Sponsor
(You may contact me personally and I will send this to you to use as a checklist for interviewing potential sponsors)

  • What is their personality like?  Are they positive, friendly & upbeat?   If not… hang up now!  No need to go further.  If something has momentarily effected them,  they should have sense not to answer the phone right at that moment.  No 2nd chances on this one.
  • They must do the business full-time, as their primary source of income.
  • They are not traveling the majority of the time.
  • That they are well versed on all of the ways you can market, promote, and advertise the business.
  • They can teach all aspects, and avenues of marketing.
  • They prefer the phone to communicate, compared to email, and text messaging.
  • They know how-to, and offer three-way calls and presentations, and like to do them.
  • They must know how to use various tools and resources to grow the business.
  • They can tell me what they do on a daily basis for their own personal growth and development, and what book they are reading right now.
  • They must be well connected within the company, and part of fast growing, experienced team.
  • When your sponsor is not available, who are the other leaders that will help you?
  • The team must have a regular conference call schedule, presentations, and training’s.
  • The team must provide recordings to conference calls.
  • The team must have an exclusive resource, training and information website.
  • The team must have an online, private community for 24 hour support, communication, and sharing.
  • The new Distributors you bring into your business will have the same help and support as you,  and will have access to the team resources.


  • Are they pushy about wanting you to join?
  • Are they relaxed, asking you questions about yourself, answering your questions, and providing the answers and information?
  • Unless there’s a deadline date, on a special promotion are they encouraging you to take your time?
  • If there is a special promotion deadline date, do you feel are they supportive if you decide it’s best for you to wait?

My wish for you is that you make the right choice in a sponsor for you, and that you’ll become super-successful in your It Works Business!

I hope this information is helpful to you as well.

Are you open to learning about me, my experience, background and skills and open to considering why you might want to consider me as your It Works Sponsor?


How Much Money Can I Make Selling It Works Body Wraps

It Works Body Wraps Get Out of DebtAre you wondering How Much Money You Can Make Selling It Works Body Wraps?

In a nutshell, I don’t know!

What I DO know, is that if you’re self-motivated, and know why you want to do this, what it will do for you and your family, and that you want whatever that is really bad, and WILL WORK for it it can change your life, and you can earn a LOT!

If you’re like me… you have a burning desire to have a certain kind of life, and you won’t accept anything else, and you love helping others, serving them, I mean really care about people, then like my husband Roy and I are… you can be successful.

But, if you are hoping that this will work, that you’ll get lucky, and you’re not driven to take action… every… day… then it’s not likely you’ll be successful.

How Much Money do People Make with It Works Body WrapsHere’s information from our annual disclosure from my Official It Works Distributor Website on average incomes people make (if you click on the photo, or right here, it will take you there.)

If you want to know How You’ll Make Money, then I explain exactly how... right here.

Become an It Works Body Wrap Distributor



I’m here to help you, and support you each step of the way, should you decide to partner with me as your sponsor, coach and mentor.

And I’m here to answer honestly, any questions you have.

Call or text me at 407-625-7726

a-year-from-now-youll-wish-you-started-todayGive me a year of your honest effort and commitment, and I will help you change your life!

Stephanie Sterling, Independent It Works Body Wraps Distributor





Benefits of Becoming an It Works Body Wraps Distributor

Benefits of Joining our It Works Body Wrap TeamThe benefits of becoming an It Works Distributor is part of what I love most, next to sharing these benefits with other people to help them become a Distributor too.

When I first took a look at this company back in August 2012, evaluating things carefully with my husband Roy, we saw how the benefits would help us get into profits quickly.  But over the last 17 years what I’ve often seen in with people in other companies is they were spending more than what they were earning.

Not so with an It Works Body Wraps home business!

We started on August 19th 2012, and our fist check for 11 days finishing out the month of August was enough to pay the lease on my brand new SUV, and that didn’t include the daily wrap cash we earned!

Below are some videos to help you learn more, but first…Become an It Works Body Wrap Distributor

It Works Global Distributor Benefits:

  • We have 7 avenues of income
  • A $500 income Guarantee
  • Promotions like our $10,000 Get Out of Debt G.O.O.D. Bonus for New Distributors
  • A $600 a Month Loyal Customer Bonus
  • Our Too $20,000 G.O.O.D. (Get out of Debt) Bonus
  • Free Wraps in your First Month
  • Lifetime Wrap Rewards Program


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Stephanie Sterling




Benefits of Joining It Works (2 Minutes) 


5 Ways To Earn Money with It Works  ( 1 Minute)


6 Key Elements to a Direct Selling Company  (5 Minutes)

Become an It Works Body Wrap Distributor

It Works Body Wraps $500 Income Guarantee

It Works Body Wraps Distributor $500 Income Guarantee


That’s not a typo, you read that right ;-)

When you become an It Works Body Wraps Distributor we have a $500 Guarantee!

Here’s how it works:

We have a simple system, called the Steps to Success.

The Steps to Success sets us apart from other home based businesses.

In every home business, when you get started you launch your business by announcing what you’re doing, and what you have to offer to your “warm market”… the people that you already know.

Over the last 17 years as a work from home entrepreneur what I have seen with other companies is they don’t really have a solid plan and tools for after you launch your business that introduces you to a never ending, steady stream of new people that are interested in what you have… for the lifetime of your business.

Here with It Works Body Wraps… WE DO!!

It Works Body Wraps Blitz Card $25  Body Wrap CouponIt’s called the Blitz Card, which is a coupon you can give to people for them to redeem to try the wrap with you for just $25.

My husband Roy and I have a complete Blitzing 101 training in place for all the distributors on our team, and Blitzing is one of the most fun ways to grow your business, that ANYONE can do!

So, back to the Steps to Success and our $500 Guarantee.



Step 1)  Join!Become an It Works Body Wrap Distributor

  • Enroll to become an It Works Distributor with the $99 Starter Kit (includes a box of 4 wraps, a portfolio with an assortment of catalogs, brochures, order forms, presentation flipchart, magazine and…Blitz Cards)
  • Boost if you can/would like.  If you want to do a launch party, or meet with friends to let them try the wraps, we have two optional Booster Packs that are below our normal wholesale 500-guarantee-steps-to-successcost, and give you everything you need to host a party or two, allow your gusts to sample our other products and try the body or facial wrap.
  • Make sure you have an 80BV monthly autoship set up to run in your 2nd month.  May we suggest 2 boxes of wraps? If you don’t have wraps, you’re out of business… and they fly off the shelf!

Step 2) Wrap Free!

  • When you gather 4 Loyal Customers within your 1st-30 days you’ll receive 2 free boxes of 4 body, or facial wraps.
  • Sell those free wraps and make another $200!  (Or you can choose to receive $120 products of your choice, if you don’t want wraps.

Step 3) $500 Guarantee!

  • When you help 3 people to become a Distributor within your 1st-60 days and those 3 people complete Steps 1 and 2 (Join & Wrap Free) It Works Global will guarantee your commission check will be $500.
  • If it’s not, they will pay you the difference!

It’s that simple!

My husband Roy and I would love to help answer your questions, and if you would like, help you get started.

Our passion is helping people achieve their goals… whether it’s a few hundred dollars a month, a few thousand, or if you want complete freedom.

Give us a call, or send us a text to 407-625-7726.

It Works Body Wrap Info by emailOr, if you would like some details sent to your email, just complete the form below and they’ll be on their way.

Become an It Works Body Wrap DistributorIf you’re ready to get started, you can enroll online.

It takes about 5 minutes, and you’ll be logged into your own website, and can dive into our It Works Distributor Training Academy.

We can also help you enroll right over the phone.

We can’t wait to help you on your journey to success and significance!

Stephanie Sterling







It Works $10,000 GOOD (Get Out of Debt) Bonus

It Works $10,000 GOOD BonusIt Works Global has a mission to help families and individuals get out of debt.  

Our company is debt free, and through our G.O.O.D. Bonus promotion many distributors have wiped out tens and hundreds of thousands of dollars of consumer credit card debt, auto and student loans, and even mortgages!

What does FREEDOM mean to you?

To me, it’s waking up when I’m finished sleeping, without the pressure of an alarm clock. As an entrepreneur who is fortunate to work at home I haven’t heard an alarm clock since 1998!  It’s not having to think about the cost of food, home, transportation, and no worries about what will happen if something breaks.  It’s being able to do what you want, when you want, with whom you want. It’s being able to BE THERE to help friends and family, or someone in need.

For my husband Roy and I, our passion is helping other people become debt free and live life on their own terms!

Stephanie Sterling and Roy Juers, It Works Distributors

This year Roy and I both earned the It Works $10,000 GOOD Bonus

We’re on a mission to help as many people who are serious, have drive, ambition, and a desire to change their life and financial experience, while helping other people.  If you want to help people become healthier, and/or wealthier we would love to get behind you and your dreams and goals.  We are ready to run with you, and mentor you.

Anyone who becomes a distributor before August 31st 2014 and is eligible to earn a $10,000 Get Out of Debt Bonus.  Become an It Works Body Wrap Distributor

PLUS, when you Enroll 1 new Distributor & 1 Loyal Customer and you could have up to $20,000 of debt paid off for you!

It Works 10K GOOD BonusI, Stephanie walked away from corporate America in 1998 and have been successfully coaching and mentoring thousands of men and women in our business since then.  My husband Roy walked away from his 17 year career in 2006 to join me in our home business.  We are committed to our team members, and would love to help you.

Call me today at 407-625-7726, or fill out the form below to get the details sent to your email.




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Or if you’re ready… get started right now! 

I’ll be in touch right away to help you get started on a business plan that works for you, around your work, family and life.


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