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It Works Ultimate Applicator Herbal Body Contouring WrapLooking for It Works Body Wrap information?   I’m Stephanie Sterling.  My husband Roy and I are here to support you, answer your questions, and help you get incredible, lasting results with the It Works Ultimate Body Applicator, sometimes called Skinny Wraps, or the Ultimate Wrap.

The It Works Wrap was created by our formulator, Luis Mijares many years ago.  In 2001 Luis partnered with Mark Pentecost and Pam Sowder to take the Ultimate Body Applicator to the world.  

As men and women continue to get results with our natural, botanical, herbal body wrap we’re often in the media spotlight, at the Emmy’s and Oscar’s Celebrity Gift Suites, Success From Home, Forbes & Inc Magazine.  Instagram, YouTube, and Facebook have taken the popularity of this Crazy Wrap Thing to a whole nutha’ level!

You can learn more facts and history about It Works Global and the Ultimate Body Applicator through our corporate website

It Works Body Wrap Info by emailWhat is the It Works Ultimate Body Applicator Wrap?

The It Works Ultimate Body Applicator Contouring Wrap is an at-home herbal body wrap, to be used on specific areas of your body. The non-woven cloth wraps are ready-to-go, individually packaged with 4 body wraps in a box.  There are 4 wraps to treat an area of your body where you want to get results. There’s a gentle herb-botanical cream on one side of the wrap.  It takes just about 3 minutes from start to finish to wrap. Simply unfold and apply the body wrap with the cream side against your skin on any area of your body from the chin & neck on down.    (See Video demo near the bottom of this page)

After Baby with Stretch Marks Before & After 1 It Works Ultimate Applicator Body WrapIn as little as 45 minutes you can have results in the appearance of cellulite, in the toning, firming and tightening of loose or slackening skin. We encourage you take a before picture and update it when you remove the wrap, and again prior to applying each wrap until you’ve completed all 4 wraps contained in the box. 


Watch… How to Wrap your Tummy, Back, Arms, Thighs


Buy It Works Body WrapsThe Ultimate Body Applicator was designed for you to use in the privacy of your home.  It’s so simple to apply, anyone can use it and get salon or spa-worthy results that last an average of 2-6 months!


The tummy or abs are the most popular area for men and women to use the Ultimate Applicator Body Wrap, but you can also wrap your arms, back, love handles, thighs, butt, knees, and we and our customers have even wrapped our feet!   Each wrap can be cut, or trimmed for smaller areas and the Ultimate Body Applicator wrap is 13″ x 21″.    

–>> View the Body Wrap FAQ   <<–

What are the Ingredients of the Ultimate Body Applicator?


It Works Body Wraps Ingredients

The It Works Body Wrap Ingredients consist of a botanical blend of herbs in a gentle cream.  The cream is already on the Ultimate Body Applicator wrap when you take it out of the packaging.  Unfold the herbal body wrap and you’ll notice the cream is on one side of the wrap.   Here’s a list of Body Wrap ingredients you can also print, or even save to your computer.  



Can I Use the It Works Body Wrap on My Face?

Please don’t apply the Ultimate Body Applicator to your facial area.  If you’d like to erase the signs of aging from your face, we encourage you to try our Ultimate Facial Applicator.  The Facial Applicator Wraps are one of my favorite products that I use often.

Where to Get The It Works Body Wraps

There are four (4) It Works Body Wraps in a treatment on any area of your body, which is why our herbal body wraps are packaged with 4 individual applications in each box.  Buy It Works Body Wraps

You can get a box of 4 of the Ultimate Body Applicator Wraps at Retail for $99 (just $25 per body wrap) Even better, 9 out of 10 of our customers get a box of 4 wraps at wholesale for just $59 as a preferred customer, though our popular Loyal Customer Program.  

It Works Loyal Customer BenefitsHow to Order: To order at wholesale as a Loyal Customer simply place your items in your shopping cart, then when you click on checkout you’ll be asked if you would like to receive the Loyal Customer discount.  You’ll also have the option if you would prefer to checkout as a Retail Customer.



Get Wholesale It Works Body Wraps for Salons and SpasAre you a professional in the beauty industry, massage therapist, chiropractor, or fitness instructorYou can offer the It Works Wraps to your clients as a take-home item, or add-on service and increase your sales, profits and income significantly.  Our body wraps can help you gain referrals, and increase traffic.  We know that businesses near you are capitalizing on the It Works Ultimate Body Applicator Wrap with their clients.  We’ll show you how to market it through our unique program for professionals and business owners.


Body Contouring, Cellulite, Weight Loss & Stretch Marks

Buy It Works Ultimate Body Applicator Wrap save 45%The It Works Body Wrap known as the Ultimate Body Applicator contouring wrap helps you tighten, firm and tone any area of your body in just 45 minutes. Diminish the appearance of cellulite and stretch marks. There are 4 wraps to a treatment, conveniently packaged with 4 body wraps in a box. 





Buy It Works Wrap Pack Save 45%

The Wrap Pack adds a sample-size tube of Defining Gel to help boost your It Works Body Wrap results and also includes the box of 4 Ultimate Applicator Body Wraps for the ultimate in body contouring. 






Buy It Works Skinny Pack Save 45%The Skinny Pack adds Fat Fighter with Carb Inhibitor to the box of 4 Body Wraps and a full size tube of Defining Gel for the Ultimate Results at an affordable price. This is our most popular program!





It Works Greens SuperfoodGreens – Boost your results by adding the power of Greens superfoods to detox, alkalize and balance your body’s pH, with powerful probiotics, and antioxidants to support your immune system.  With 8 servings of vegetables & fruits, 38 superfoods and herbs in each serving of Greens you’ll be getting the power of juicing, without the time, expense or the mess.  Choose Berry or Orange Greens with no added sugars, or any artificial sweeteners.  Greens are sweetened naturally, and taste incredible mixed into water, juice, or your favorite smoothie.Buy It Works Body Wraps




Buy It Works ThermoFIT Save 45%Ultimate ThermoFIT - Ready to take your weight loss results to a whole nutha’ level?  With Ultimate ThermoFIT you’ll gain the benefits of capsaicim chili peppers and acai berry to boost your metabolic rate, promote increased calorie burning, and reduce your appetite.  ThermoFIT provides energy, with no jittery side effects. 





How Long Do Body Wrap Results Last?

How Long do It Works Body Wraps Results LastThe results from the Ultimate Body Applicator are NOT temporary.  There are many ‘vanity’ wraps I’ve experienced over the years done in high-end salons and spas that cost $125-$300 where the results are gone in 24-48 hours.  With the It Works Body Wrap your may last up to 2-6 months.  It’s important to avoid excessive processed foods, and junk-foods.   Most people are inspired to take care of their body and their health after using the Ultimate Body Applicator.  

You must drink adequate water in order for the It Works Body Wrap to work properly.  How much water should you drink?  For your good health, you should drink half of your weight in ounces of water… every day.  Drinking this amount of water is important when you use the wrap.  

Call me (Stephanie at 407-625-7726) and I will coach you on water intake, how to get the best results, and how to maintain your results.  Remember, take your body weight, divide it in half. That’s how many ounces of water you should drink on a daily basis.    Get a 32 ounce container and drink 3 a day for the average woman.  Or try 4 24-ounce containers.   It’s simple to do!

Can I Wear the It Works Body Wrap Longer than 45 Minutes? 

How to Apply the It Works Ultimate Body Applicator WrapYou can get results by wearing the body wrap for just 45 minutes.  You can also wear it longer if you would like.  You can the wrap for several hours at work, at home, out shopping, or you can sleep with it on overnight. 

Then, remove the wrap.  Massage the remaining cream into your skin.  Allow the cream to dry so the herbs and botanicals fully absorb into your skin.  Don’t shower for 3-4 hours. Over the next 3 days, or 72 hours your results progress.  

After results with the It Works Body Wrap


Be sure to take a before photo, and update your photo after you remove the wrap, then update your photo the next day, and at the end of 72 hours – before you apply your 2nd body wrap application. Repeat  each time you wrap and continue to your before photos.  There are 4 wraps, or applications to a treatment on any area of your body.  One wrap is an application, and it’s why the wraps come with 4 Body Applicators in a box. 

It Works Body Wrap Before and After PhotoDefining Gel

Apply Defining Gel in between your wrap days to boost your body wrap results.  You can also use Defining Gel to maintain your body wrap results.  The ingredients of Defining Gel are similar to the ingredients in the It Works Body Wrap.  They’re just in a gel formula, and less concentrated for daily use.  


Buy It Works Body WrapsMany people use Defining Gel on other areas of their body while wrapping…. their arms, but, thighs, chin & neck.  It works just like the body wrap, just a more gradual effect.


 –>> It Works Body Wrap Instructions <<–

How to Wrap and Apply the Ultimate Applicator Body Wrap


Keep us updated on your results!

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  1. Melevila Tupouniua says

    hi their i was wandering if after i apply the wraps if i was to buy one will my body go back to being saggy after i stop applying the wrap

    • says

      Hi Melevila,

      The results you get will last provided you eat sensibly, and drink enough water daily!

      Please let me know any other questions.

      You can also reach me by phone or text at 407-625-7726 (m)

      If you complete the form on the page you’ll receive information on the wraps, how they work, and tips for best results.

      Stephanie :)

    • says

      Hi Anna,

      I’m happy to help :) The best way for me to help you is either by calling me at 407-625-7726, or completing the request form below and I will get in touch with you to help.

      I look forward to being of service!



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